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Service Termination policy

Anaga Health Occupational Health Center (OHC) Service Termination Policy

At Anaga Health, we strive to provide exemplary occupational health services. In the event that a client wishes to terminate or discontinue their engagement with our services, we have established the following termination policy:

1. Notice of Termination: Clients are required to provide written notice of their intent to terminate services. This notice should include the effective date of termination and the reason for discontinuation, if applicable.

2. Contractual Obligations: Clients are expected to fulfill any contractual obligations outlined in their service agreement, including any notice periods, outstanding payments, or other specified conditions.

3. Refund Policy: Refund policies, if applicable, will be outlined in the service agreement. Clients should review these terms carefully. Refunds may be subject to specific conditions and timeframes.

4. Return of Property: Any equipment, records, or materials provided by Anaga Health should be returned promptly upon termination of services unless otherwise specified in the service agreement.

5. Discontinuation of Services: Anaga Health reserves the right to discontinue services if a client fails to meet contractual obligations, engages in unethical practices, or breaches the terms and conditions outlined in the service agreement.

6. Confidentiality After Termination: The confidentiality provisions outlined in the service agreement will continue to apply even after the termination of services. Anaga Health is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of client information.

7. Transition of Care: In the event of service termination, Anaga Health will work collaboratively with the client to ensure a smooth transition of care. This may include transferring health records, providing recommendations for ongoing care, or facilitating the transfer of information to a new healthcare provider if requested.

8. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from the termination of services will be handled in accordance with the dispute resolution procedures outlined in the service agreement.

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