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Adenoviruses are a diverse group of viruses, with over 50 different types known to infect humans. These types are classified into seven species (A to G). While adenovirus vaccines are not as widely used or available as vaccines for some other viruses, there are vaccines for specific types of adenoviruses, primarily used in certain populations or for specific purposes.

1. **Adenovirus Types 4 and 7 Vaccine**: This vaccine targets adenovirus types 4 and 7, which are associated with acute respiratory disease (ARD). It has been primarily used by the military to protect military personnel from adenovirus-related illnesses, especially in crowded living conditions such as barracks.

2. **Adenovirus Type 14 Vaccine**: Adenovirus type 14 (Ad14) has been associated with severe respiratory illness outbreaks, particularly in communities and healthcare settings. Vaccines targeting Ad14 specifically are still under development and may not be widely available yet.

3. **Pan-Adenovirus Vaccines**: Research is ongoing to develop vaccines that provide broader protection against multiple types of adenoviruses. These vaccines aim to target common antigens shared among various adenovirus types to provide cross-protection.

4. **Vector-Based Vaccines**: Some adenovirus types are used as vectors for delivering vaccines against other diseases. For example, adenovirus vectors have been used in COVID-19 vaccines to deliver genetic material encoding the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It's important to note that while adenovirus vaccines can be effective, they are not part of routine immunization schedules for the general population in many countries. They are often used in specific situations, such as outbreaks or in high-risk populations like military personnel.

As research continues, there may be advancements in adenovirus vaccine development, potentially leading to more widespread use and availability in the future.

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